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WordPress API – минало, настояще и бъдеще

Ще бъдат разгледани трите основни APIта на WordPress – нативното през PHP, XML-RPC и REST-API. Какви са предимствата и недостатъците им? Кога, кое е по-добре да се ползва? Защо самоделките вече не са на мода и трябва да се наблегне на REST API.

How Being a Mentor Turns You Into a Better Developer

Informal education such as mentoring is an important aspect of web development culture — for both the mentor and mentee. Unfortunately, in Bulgaria, the topic of mentoring is not often explored. This talk will address the ways mentoring benefits the mentor and common pitfalls they may encounter.

How WordPress and working remotely helped me see the world

Have you ever wished you could surprise a friend or go traveling without counting how many vacation days you have left? Have you ever dreamed of a job that gave you the freedom to work from anywhere at any hour, without relocating or sacrificing money, opportunities or time with friends and family?

Me, too. Now I’m doing exactly that.

You can, too.

In this presentation, you’ll learn how WordPress played a big role in making my dream a reality, what tools I use to stay productive, and where I’ve been so far.

I’ll also discuss the pros and cons of being nomadic, myths about working remotely, how to determine if it’s right for you and practical steps you can take to start your own journey.

My story is uniquely personal but applies to a growing number of people seeking alternatives to a traditional workplace, plus companies looking to attract talent without geographical limits. The presentation is also visual and practical, giving people both inspiration and insider tips from an experienced nomadic and independent traveler.

In the Q&A, I encourage everyone to ask me anything.

Automated Testing For WordPress Sites

We’ll briefly cover what is meant by automated testing, what types exist and why we need to do it. Then we’ll move to which is most beneficial for a WordPress site or plugin. We’ll cover what is BDD (Behavior Driven Development) as a tool to bridge the gap between developers and the business trough the syntax used for writing tests. Then we’ll explore the WordHat extention for Behat which provides integration between the testing framework and WordPress. We’ll finish off with a few „real world“ examples and possibly a live demo.

Emotional Design in Web

As a human beings we are guided by our emotions which have a great impact on our decisions. Our rational side in many cases is pushed into the background. The researches of psychologists about emotions are used even in field of human-computer interaction and especially in web design. These help designers to choose and compose the right UI elements, just to create a product for giving as much as possible user experience.

Not your grandpa’s CSS: Working with CSS Grid

CSS Grid is getting some major browser support these days. What is it? How can you apply it? and why should you care? We’ll handle these questions and look at how you can start to apply grid workflows in your WordPress themes the next day.

Изграждане на ползваеми интерфейси за клиенти

Най-големият проблем, който една WordPress агенция обикновено среща с клиенти е как да ги накара да използват лесно и удобно административния панел на своя сайт. Лекцията ще направи преглед на различните начини за това как лесно да направим един сайт ползваем от клиента – визуални редактори, custom надграждания на визуални редактори, custom разработени интерфейси.

Product-Driven Websites: Achieving Results from Day One

How do you design and make decisions for the WordPress websites you build? As competition increases, the process through which websites are produced will become increasingly important. In his talk, Noel will tackle this challenge from a product-focused approach – to help you build more successful websites, quicker.

WordPress – Не е страшно да кешираш!

Какви са настоящите възможности за кеширане в WordPress. Какви са предизвикателствата, когато кешираме WordPress извън него (Varnish/Nginx). Кои особености да съобразим и няколко практически съвета за ефективно кеширане на WordPress сайтове.

Детска работилница

Старт | Intro to contributing to WordPress

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